Portrait without portrait

Digital photography, book 15,5×22 cm, Sliač, Slovakia 2014

A worn out jacket, a chair with a stain of ink, tools years not tended to, a house engulfed in ivy. Objects inphotographs could be replaced by their modern equivalents, they are so expendable, yet we hang onto them stronger than we hang onto our own dreams. Why? Why can’t we let them go? Why do they mean much more than they should? Are we frightened of the emotional bond between us and them, the creation of which we may not be able to imagine between us and another human being? Or do they hold the last traces of our emotions and we’re terrified of the possibility, that should they disappear, so will our memories? Each and every object captures and portrays aspects of our being, tying into the next one, much like pieces of a puzzle, creating a grand image.  My whole life during visits to my grandparents, these details spoke to me, all the objects, colors, scents, all part of their delicate personalities, telling us the tale of these two people. I can imagine grandma or grandpa without these objects, yet they remain the same grandparents I know, however I cannot fathom a single one of these objects without them. As far as I remember, nothing in the house has changed. It influenced me to a certain degree, and perhaps that is the reason I pursue photography. It has always fascinated me, how life in this house had stopped yet had continued, how it had stayed in motion while remaining perfectly motionless. The photography offers exactly the same to me. It captures a moment, a thought within but the story continues outside its frame. With each visit to my grandparents I had the feeling of returning to an isolated world, to a singular reality, the boundaries of which exist outside of time and space, just like a photography. It is always a portrait, although it doesn’t have to capture a face. For me, these photographs are a way to pay respects to my grandparents. I have isolated their lives into photographs, so they can always be an important part of my life.