Digital photography, 2016-2018

The billboard phenomenon nowadays is common and omnipresent part of urban landscape. They are visually very dominant structures that intervent into our perception. In order to free their suggestive nature I tried to detach them from their basic principle – communication. Freeing them from aggressive advertisement communication they are left to be plain structures, on photographs they represent only themselves. The boards fascinated me, they became architectural or sculptural material. This new banal way of looking at them is trying to bring new perspective to billboard phenomena.  In over-saturated everyday existence I am looking for absurd, miniscule detail that re-empathize our consciousness.


Billing_scapes (2)-2


Billing_scapes_web 1


Billining_scapes_web 2


Billining_scapes_web 3


Billining_scapes_web 4


Billining_scapes_web 5


Billining_scapes_web 6


Billining_scapes_web 7


Billining_scapes_web 13


Billining_scapes_web 12



Billining_scapes_web 9


Billining_scapes_web 11


Billboard, digital print, 510×240 cm, Bratislava